4 ways to prepare for your upcoming tour

June 11, 2023
9 mins read
4 ways to prepare for your upcoming tour

As an independent artist, preparing for your upcoming tour can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so much to do, it's easy to overlook some essential steps that can help you make the most of your tour. One of these steps is utilizing pre-save links. In this article, we'll discuss why every independent artist should use pre-save links and how to use them effectively.


Firstly, let's define what pre-save links are. Pre-save links are URLs that allow your fans to pre-save your upcoming releases on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. By clicking on these links, your fans can add your music to their playlists before your release date. This means that when your music drops, it will automatically appear in their playlists, giving you a boost in streams and visibility.


Now, let's discuss why pre-save links are crucial for your upcoming tour. Firstly, pre-save links allow you to build hype and anticipation for your tour. By sharing your pre-save links on your social media platforms and website, you can encourage your fans to add your music to their playlists, creating a buzz around your upcoming tour.


Secondly, pre-save links can help you increase your streams and followers on streaming platforms. When your fans pre-save your music, it increases your chances of appearing on their recommended playlists, exposing you to new listeners. This can help you gain more followers and increase your streams, which can lead to more bookings and opportunities.


Thirdly, pre-save links can help you track your fan engagement and demographics. By using pre-save links, you can gather data on who is pre-saving your music, where they are located, and what streaming platforms they use. This information can help you tailor your marketing strategies and tour locations to better reach your target audience.


Finally, pre-save links can help you secure playlist placements and collaborations. When you have a high number of pre-saves, it signals to streaming platforms and curators that your music is in demand. This can increase your chances of getting playlist placements and collaborations with other artists, which can further boost your visibility and success.


In conclusion, using pre-save links is an essential step for every independent artist preparing for their upcoming tour. By building hype and anticipation, increasing your streams and followers, gathering data on your audience, and securing playlist placements and collaborations, pre-save links can help you make the most of your tour and take your career to the next level. So, make sure to include pre-save links in your tour preparation checklist and watch your success soar!


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